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Classified Ads

Andrew Assir
posted this on August 17, 2011, 11:44 AM

To add a classified ad go to our 'Classified Ads' section and click 'add'. Complete the 'Add New Classified Ad' form and submit.

Click here to change your classifed ad.

Click here to delete your classified ad.

Can I place an Classified Ad on PestWeb to hire a technician?

  • Univar ES makes this free service easily available to you in the Business Tools tab, where you select the “Classified Ads” option. Here you not only can browse through all the other ads posted, including some that may fit your hiring needs, but you also can post your own ad by selecting “Submit an Ad”. Your submission will be reviewed by us and then posted if everything is okay.
  • You also can “Manage My Ads” if you already have an ad posted and wish to make some changes in it.